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New Living Space for Art

Aiming to offer a new living space for art, Hazal Özkan Art Gallery opened its doors in Maçka with its first group exhibition “Towards the Unknown”.

Names from the business and art worlds such as Barış Tansever, Tuncay Aşçı, Meral Kozakçıoğlu attended the opening invitation hosted by art historian and art consultant Hazal Özkan.

Curated by Haluk Akakçe, the exhibition includes works by Lal Batman, Ali Emir Tapan, Dilan Gerede Erkaya and Haluk Akakçe.

Hazal Özkan made the following statement regarding the exhibition:

“It is a great pleasure for me to be a part of art in Istanbul, the heart of art. This is a space where art can be freely expressed, exhibited, met with collectors and viewers, and anyone interested in art can be a part of it. Living, listening, conveying, simple, modern, courageous and It is universal. It is also a door opening to the whole world. We have very talented and valuable artists in Turkey. It is very important that the works of Turkish artists are included in universal art markets and collections. With international connections and collaborations, especially in the USA, England and Egypt, we will present the works of our artists for a long time. We want to take you on a journey.”

Stating that it is also his mission to support young artists and collectors, Özkan said, “Many young artists have very limited access to galleries, museums, exhibition areas, marketing and news channels. Young artists are not given enough space in the collections. We want to strengthen the bond between collectors and young artists.” used the phrases.

About the exhibition, the curator of the exhibition, Haluk Akakçe, said, “The works you will see in this exhibition, which I curated for the first time, are works that reflect not the moment they reflect, but the moments before and after that moment and leave the answer to the imagination of the audience. Our young artists in the exhibition abstract their individual perspectives, They present them to the audience with a figurative approach. We will undoubtedly hear the names of all of them very often in the future with their success, they are all very valuable.” said.

At the same time, interviews and workshops will be held in the gallery, and different solo and group exhibitions will be held in the coming days.