We Start the New Year Colorfully

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We Start the New Year Colorfully

Hazal Özkan Art Gallery starts the new year colorfully with our second exhibition “Hide and Seek”.

The exhibition “Hide and Seek” opens its doors on Tuesday, January 11th with a special invitation and brings the impressive world of colors and those hidden behind colors together with art lovers. The curator of this first solo exhibition by the young artist Hazal Özgür is the art historian and art advisor Hazal Özkan. The exhibition “Hide and Seek”, which is open until February 12th, also offers an interactive art experience. During the exhibition; In the small studio for one person, a single canvas is open to all visitors to touch. With this touch, art lovers can develop a primary relationship with the art of painting and be part of an experience that will leave its mark in time and on canvas.

Hazal Özgür, who graduated with honors from the Yale University Art Faculty’s painting and printmaking department in 2020 and held her first solo exhibition after participating in group shows in the US and Germany in “Hide and Seek”, which includes 16 paintings and an interactive installation, makes use of the masking technique and tries to answer formal questions such as repetition, order and control, and makes use of the misleading properties of color by making use of Josef Albers’ theory of colors. Hazal Özgür explains her focus, abstract art, as follows: “For me, abstract art essentially has to bring out the dialectical relationship between negative and positive space. This is a dialectical relationship that we can see in our own personal lives and even in historical processes. Everything we understand, express and see exists in language. We are part of systems that evolve, regress, exist and disappear within the limits of language. If this area determined by language is positive, we have to speak of a negative area outside of language. This negative field determines everything that can exist in language, even if we cannot see it. Abstract painting tells us this relationship; it proves that forms and shapes determine their interior through their exterior “.

In her work, Hazal Özgür brings together objects that try to hide and appear using tulle and masking techniques; “The masking technique is a technique that obscures the brush strokes and the artist’s hand. Tulle, on the other hand, is a semi-permeable layer that shows different colors from different angles. I think that in our own lives we go back and forth between hiding and being found. Some things are only visible when they are hidden, for example when we are completely naked and nothing can be seen.”