Towards the Unknown

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Towards the Unknown

Towards the Unknown

A Composite Exhibition, Curator: Haluk Akakçe


Ali Emir Tapan

Dilan Gerede Erkaya

Lâl Batman

Haluk Akakçe

The unknown is humanity’s oldest predicament and its most important fear. Uncertainty is the basis of change, progress, invention and civilization. Walking into the unknown is man’s greatest courage. We continue to create light out of darkness, to exist in time, to dream of today without sensing tomorrow. As time changes, as we change, our perspective changes. We are increasingly clinging to the emotion we fear most, uncertainty. And we realize that hope consists of the endless possibilities of a moment before and after. Weeks before the start of a new year, we are together bravely in front of the memory of the past, the hope of today and the unknown of the future. We hope you find hope in the endless possibilities of the moments before and after the moments we have compiled in this exhibition…